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Why should you support GPNA with a donation?

Last year an elderly neighbor called GPNA because she had a problem.  Someone had illegally dumped a mattress and other garbage in her alley way. Physically she was unable to remove the garbage herself, and as per city regulations she is responsible to keep the alley clean.  GPNA staff worked with the City of GR to have the garbage removed and avoid fees from the City.  In addition this neighbor needed her yard and garden cleaned-up but could not afford to hire someone. Through our volunteer network, GPNA arranged to have volunteers clean-up the yard.  This is one of many ways GPNA makes a difference in our community.

One of the major goals of GPNA is to encourage citizen participation and community involvement. Neighbors are invited to come together to plan and have a say in the future development of the neighborhood. Involving the neighborhood establishes inclusion, strengthens the community, and embraces the neighborhood’s desires to create legacy for GPNA. Our staff works hard to bring residents together to form relationships which strengthen the community. By actively participating in events and getting to know each other, people to take a greater pride in their neighborhood, take more care of their homes and properties, which in turn helps reduce crime and improve property values.

GPNA is involved in beautification projects, crime prevention and public safety, dispute resolution, housing code violations, zoning variances, and get the lead out program just to name a few.  We work with the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan, our local churches and businesses, Grand Rapids Police Department and Community Development Department, Volunteers in Service, and other organizations to help our residents.

We annually organize several community events:

  • Neighborhood Cleanup Day
  • National Night Out
  • Arts and Craft Fair

Withour your donations, GPNA would not be able to provide these services to our community.

You may join online or by mail (see below). Please contact us with any questions.

Membership Levels: Standard:  $25              Bronze: $35                  Silver: $45                Gold: $55

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Membership Donations by Mail

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