Are you interested in throwing a block party?

We’d love to assist! There are many resources available to help your party be amazing. We can help with permits to close the street, as well as some funding and appearances by local fire or police.

Get started:

  • Fill out Permit Request document for the City of Grand Rapids.
    • Permit needs to be in the name of someone that will be at the event.
    • Must be requested at least 1 full week in advance.
  • Get a petition signed by affected neighbors stating that they are OK with the street closure for the Block Party.
    • Must have at least 51% in the block in agreement with planned street barricade.
  • Take the completed Permit Request and petition to Mobile GR office with $20.00 payment.

GPNA can help:

  • Make flyers to announce the Block Party that can be circulated to neighbors
  • Contact GRFD and GRPD to request an appearance
  • Set up a table offering: home safety information, property etching, or specific information on requested topic
  • Provide $20.00 toward food for event instead of paying permit fee

We may have an opportunity, with Seymour CRC, for an additional $25.00 contribution for any Block Party within the GPNA area.

If the block is interested in applying, the City of Grand Rapids Neighborhood Match Fund is available for neighborhood sponsored events.  This application process is time specific but not very complicated.  GPNA staff can assist with this application submission process.

If you have any questions or are ready to get started, contact Fran Dalton at or (616) 241-2443.