The Keep it Clean initiative

Keep it Clean is a GPNA initiative to provide residents, land lords, businesses and other organizations with the necessary information to help keep our neighborhoods clean and in compliance with the cities standards.

The main issues in the GPNA area are trash and un-kept housing. The good news is that these two concerns are no-cost or low-cost to resolve. Should these matters not be resolved, the city will assist with the clean up and charge the resident large fines and fees.

Each Spring, GPNA hosts an annual dumpster day where residents can unload as much of their trash as they would like, large and small, including furniture, appliances and mattresses. Also, the city offers a free yard waste dump, and there are a lot of trash removal small businesses in the area that will take away full truck loads of trash at little cost.

Other housing issues are the structural problems that need fixing, and there are several local organizations available that offer low or no-cost solutions to resolve many of these problems.



    Home Repair Services: (616) 241-2601
    Light House Communities: (616) 451-9140
    The Habitat ReStore: (616) 531-4591
    ICCF: (616) 336-9333

Most common violations:

  • Trash/recycle or garbage cans/mattresses on the front porch of the house.
  • Furniture on the front porch of the house or in the yard.
  • Trash in the yard or garage.
  • Broken windows in house or garage.
  • Unregistered or inoperable vehicles in the driveway.
  • Lawn not being maintained, snow not being shoveled from sidewalks.
  • Chipping paint on the house.
  • Garage doors broken/off track.

What do I do if…

  • My neighbor’s house/yard/porch/garage is in disrepair?
  • My neighbor’s house/yard/porch/garage has trash?
  • There is a vehicle illegally parked or has not moved in over 72 hours from the street?
  • Our street has pot holes?
  • There is graffiti on a building/structure/garage/house?

Contact GPNA or the city for resolution.

GPNA: Email or call (616) 241-2443. Please provide the address and description of the violation and we will follow up with the resident. 

City of Grand Rapids: Call 311 or use the 311 app

What is the resolution process?

Graffiti removal:

Once you contact GPNA, we will remove the graffiti or work with the city to have it removed. We will handle smaller tags, letting the city resolve large issues.


Once reported to GPNA, we will verify with photos and report the violations to the city.  The city will then send a letter to the owner allowing 2-4 weeks to resolve the violations. Upon the resolution date, GPNA will inspect for compliance. If there is compliance, the case will be closed.  If the issue is not resolved, it will be reported back to the city and referred to an inspector, which begins a long legal process for resolution.

Abandoned vehicle:

Once reported to GPNA, we will verify and report the vehicle to the city police. GRPD will then tag the vehicle with a 48 hour orange sticker. After 48 hours, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.


Once verified, GPNA will report to GR Streets and Sanitation for resolution.

Vacant houses:

GPNA will attempt to make contact with the home owner to determine the reason for vacancy. We will then work to monitor the home.